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4 examples of original and playful sampling campaigns

Standing out, it remains a difficult job for some brands. Sampling can ensure you that your product gets the awareness that you have in mind, if the sampling campaign is well thought. Using the same sampling method every time will get bored, so make sure you stand out with a creative and playful sampling campaign. In this blog you can read about what makes a campaign original and we give examples of brands that have dealt with sampling in a good way.

What makes a sampling campaign original and playful?

A playful sampling campaign is characterized by the playful and original attention of a product. Something or someone who is playful or original is usually fresh, innovative, special and imaginative.

Research shows that people prefer to talk about themselves. Social media is pre-eminently the place where people can do this. Yet social media is a pink spectacle version of real life; only the beautiful, fun moments are shared. A playful campling action can be perfectly indented here. The consumer receives a sample in a playful way, is surprised by the action and most likely shares the event on public and closed social media. Research shows that 69% of people share information to get more appreciation of their environment.

So your campaign is playful when it is original, unconventional and striking on the one hand. On the other hand, the campaign has succeeded when it has found publicity, without having spent a lot of money on it. What makes a sampling campaign playful is also the strength of the campaign. Getting good results with an innovative campaign, without spending a lot of money on PR.

4 playful sampling campaigns

To get an idea of successful and playful sampling campaigns, we give four examples below.

1. The potato machine from Lays

Bring a product to the attention by sampling one ingredient. It sounds like a weird sampling action, but Lays did it right. At the doors of all participating stores, the consumer was given a potato with a sticker as a sample. On the sticker there was a direction description. The endpoint of the route was the aisle with snacks. This is where the Lay’s potato machine stood. The vending machine looks like a vending machine and only accepts potato as a ‘payment method’. The potato ensures that the machine will work. On an animation you can follow the process of the potato that turns into a bag of chips within six steps. When the process is complete on the animation, a hot bag of chips will roll out of the machine. See in this video how the potato machine works. A creative way to surprise people!

2. The Fairy Tale snack from Peijnenburg

Sampling a product in the right place, with the right adjustments? Peijnenburg fully understood this principle in the sampling campaign of the Peijnenburg snacks. The ‘ordinary’ gingerbread was not attractive enough for children to take as a snack. Peijnenburg has designed a Fairy Tale snack by working together with family park Efteling. Nothing has changed in the product, only the packaging has been changed in a different way. Six characters from the fairytale can be played on the packages. In addition, there are some fairytale-tree games on the Peijnenburg website.

Peijnenburg has clearly seen that the same product with a slightly different packaging can already make a huge difference. The fairytale tree as a location of sampling completes this sampling campaign.

3. Zero Sugar Coca Cola

Disseminating 1,000,000 samples and introducing the whole of Belgium to the new Coca Cola Zero Sugar. The Coca Cola team did extremely well. The sampling campaign started in the cities of Antwerp, Liège and Brussels. The attention was drawn with a giant Coke bottle. The sampling campaign in Brussels resulted in the distribution of 32,000 samples. But this was not the only thing. During your first sip of the sample you could have yourself photographed, and the photographer made an animated gif that you could share on your social media channels. Around 850 animated gif’s were made in Brussels alone.

Brussels, together with Antwerp and Liège, was only the starting point of the sampling campaign. For 11 months, Coca Cola continued to sample the Zero Sugar variety, which ultimately resulted in 1,000,000 Zero Sugar cans being dispensed. That is 10% of the entire Belgian population!

4. The personalized packaging of Nature Valley

The American millennials know it like no other, the snacks of Nature Valley in the lunchbox on the way to training. In the meantime, the millennials are no longer children, but Nature Valley still tried to contact this target group through sampling. With a food truck, they passed through music festivals, concerts and markets. People could design their own packaging for two Nature Valley bars. One to eat yourself, the other to share.

With the slogan ‘Be great out there’, Nature Valley challenged the millennials to express themselves, step outside their comfort zone, make a difference in someone’s life and learn something new every day. Around 7,000 personalized packages were made and there were more than 1,000,000 people who received the campaign. Check out this video about the special campaign.

Set up a playful sampling campaign together?

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