Channel sampling does more for your brand

By sampling from retail and leisure locations, Lime Factory employs a substantially different sampling method than most other sampling agencies. Where they usually choose locations such as squares, stations and shopping malls, we choose (local) stores and leisure locations to introduce consumers to your product. We do this very deliberately because this method of sampling (channel sampling) makes more of an impression on consumers and is therefore longer lasting.

Relevant sampling

We always present our clients with sampling locations (channels) that make sense and where the sample meets a consumer need. As in this example where we distributed a Maggi spice mix to butchers. Even when there is not such an obvious link between product and location, we make sure the location is relevant to the brand and product.

Reinforce your brand values with relevant sampling
Every marketer knows that relevance is a key factor for success. The content should have at least some connection to your brand, mission and product. Consumers also expect this from a brand. Where this is true for content marketing, it is at least as true for product and brand activations such as sampling. There, too, consumers expect relevance. Sampling in a relevant location ensures that your brand values are reinforced.

Time and attention
Another important reason to choose channel sampling is because your sample gets significantly more attention. The sample is not grabbed in a hurry but is handed to you personally by a staff member. Often with a brief explanation of the action as well. We can tell a lot about this, but it is better to see it in the pictures of previous projects.

Well-known and reliable person
In channel sampling, the consumer often receives the sample from someone they know and/or is an authority in their eyes. Think of the greengrocer who has been giving good advice to consumers for years. Or the barber who enjoys a high degree of loyalty. Needless to say, it makes a difference whether you receive a sample from a complete stranger or a close acquaintance.

Byron Sharp
A final reason to choose channel sampling is that it creates associative relationships. Anyone who has read Byron Sharp’s book “How brands grow” knows the importance of building a memory structure. The more often you think about a product, the more likely you are to buy it once you need it. Channel sampling contributes to this. Actually because of all of the above. The relevance of the channel, the fact that your sample gets time and attention and the personal touch. All of this makes it more likely that you will think back to the sampling campaign more often at this location.