Channel sampling does more for your brand

By sampling from retail and leisure locations, Lime Factory employs a substantially different sampling method than most other sampling agencies. Where they usually choose locations such as squares, stations and shopping malls, we choose (local) stores and leisure locations to introduce consumers to your product. We do this very deliberately because this method of sampling […]

Sampling at hairdressers: interesting for many brands

Sampling kapper Nederland en België

Lime Factory has a database of as many as 18,000 channels (locations) where we can sample. Channels with whom we maintain a good relationship and who enthusiastically embrace our campaigns. One such channel involves the hairdresser. A channel of interest to many brands. Number of hairdressers increases; especially more specialty hairdressers Over the past five […]

Lime Factory launches new cashback concept

Lime Factory recently developed a successful new cashback concept to encourage repeat purchases of FMCG products. This is an extension of the successful Monsterbox concept. The Monster Box is a grocery package that entices consumers to try new products. By now adding a cashback mechanism to that, we can now convert a portion of Monsterbox […]

Why a playful sampling campaign works better

Standing out, it remains a tough job for some brands. A sampling agency can help you make sure your product gets the awareness you envision. The prerequisite is that the sampling action is well thought out. A sampling agency that uses the same sampling method every time is going to bore consumers, so make sure […]

What does a sampling agency do?

Samplingbureau Lime Factory

There are several agencies in the Netherlands and Belgium that organize sampling campaigns. Most do so with the help of promotional teams in public places. Lime Factory differs from them as a sampling agency in that we organize sampling campaigns at retail locations. Consider sampling at a greengrocer, a hairdresser, a coffee corner or through […]

Your specific target group can be reached here

When you understand your target audience, you can also target them better. This can be done online through advertisements, for example, but also offline, while shopping or exercising. We have made an overview for you, where your target group can be found. This is a selection of the many channels out there. Of course, other […]

Sampling for more expensive products

When you want to start a sampling campaign, you can choose from a lot of different methods. It can be quite difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, think carefully in advance about what kind of product you have and what the purpose of the sampling campaign is. Should you have a more expensive or […]

If your product is running up against the best before date

THT product Lime Factory

Many FMCG companies are dealing with products that are running up against the best before date. This can occur due to minimal production batches, ‘mistakes’ during planning or products that run a little less during a certain period. These are your options But what do you do with such a best before date batch? Actually, […]

How social media can enhance sampling


A good social strategy can greatly enhance the effect of your sampling campaign. Sampling has long ceased to be just handing out a slice of sausage at the butcher’s. Online technologies also allow offline campaigns to be used more and more effectively. You can collect a lot of data online and use this data to […]

Research on the effect of sampling

So what is really the effect of sampling? We really wanted to investigate it properly, so we asked Neuromarketing Research Company Unravel to set up this study for us. We did this using a sampling campaign for Mentos. We had Unravel investigate what happens to unconscious brand associations as a result of a sampling campaign. […]