Wilhelmina Mints

Targeting retail locations to reach younger audiences

Wilhelmina asked us to create a sampling campaign to introduce consumers to their new flavors of mints: raspberry-red currant and ginger-lime.

Approach and Results

Although the target audience was quite broad, we also and especially looked for an audience that is not yet as familiar with Wilhelmina, namely young adults. By using targeted retail and leisure channels, we can reach this target group very well. For Wilhelmina Mints, we sampled at trendy fashion stores such as Jack & Jones and Black Bananas and sports and sneaker stores such as the Athlete's Foot, among others.

A very successful approach turned out because from our research we could see that we had very little "waste" from consumers who did not fall within this target group. In addition, there were a remarkable number of young adults who wanted to participate in our consumer survey. This provided interesting insights for Wilhelmina. Thus, it turned out that appreciation for the new Wilhelmina flavors was quite high especially among this target group.

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