Witte Reus Brilliant Gel

Positive reactions and useful tips after sampling campaign

Witte Reus Brillant Gel is an all-in-1 formula that prevents adhesion of new dirt and provides a wonderful refined fresh scent. Witte Reus asked us to create a relevant sampling campaign among the target group of men and women aged 30 to 55 with a middle income.

Approach and Results

Wiitte Reus is usually not expensive but for consumers who visited several plumbing stores in the fall of 2021 it was actually free of charge. All over the Netherlands, we had store employees hand out free samples. To this we also added a flyer calling on people to participate in a short survey.

The research gave Witte Reus insights into, among other things, repeat purchase intent, which in the case of Witte Reus was very high. In addition, Witte Reus received helpful tips on how to improve the packaging and the product itself. All in all, a very successful campaign.


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