Deployment of multiple activation mechanisms for Bref Wellness Scents

By using different activation mechanisms, you create multiple contact moments in a short period of time. This creates more awareness. Combined with sampling (or trial), this increases the likelihood of (repeat) purchases. Here's how we handled that for Bref Wellness Scents.

Approach and Results

The strength of a multidisciplinary activation campaign is that the activation mechanisms follow one another. So too in the case of Bref's activation campaign. We started with a store floor activation campaign at supermarkets. We placed eye-catching inflatable toilets there that we filled with Bref's new toilet cleaner and freshener. We paired it with a contest where consumers could win a wellness weekend with the purchase of a Bref Wellness Scents package. Uploading a photo of the package was enough to enter the win.

Sampling & discount promotion
In the second phase, we started sampling. In consultation with Bref, we chose to have the samples distributed at plumbing stores. Again, we coupled a second activation with this by also handing out a discount voucher. Finally, we asked consumers who had received the sample to give their opinions on this new product from Bref. We fed the results of this survey back to Bref in conjunction with a photo report.


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