Venco Choco D'rop

Appropriate sampling channels for a "moment of enjoyment

Licorice and chocolate: they are both addictive treats. But what if you combined licorice and chocolate? Venco did just that and came up with a new product: Venco Choco D'rop. An equally delicious treat, but something entirely new that you must have tried first. But when you do, you find out that eating a "Choco D'ropje" is a real moment of enjoyment. To create awareness for this new treat, Venco asked us to set up a sampling campaign for the target group of men and women between the ages of 25 and 45.

Our approach

In our approach, we focused mainly on the "enjoyment moment. Venco Choco D'rop is packaged in a resealable jar in a convenient size that you can take anywhere. So instead of targeting rushing shoppers, we chose locations where consumers go to pamper themselves and also take their time.

In order to reach as many men as women within the target audience, we chose many different locations to hand out the samples, such as:

A place where you can really have some time to yourself. During the haircut, with the cup of coffee or tea, a Choco D'ropje was handed out at forty hairdressers in the Netherlands.

Menswear store Oger
Menswear store Oger is a clothing store where, as a customer, you usually take all the time you need. Customers were offered a cup of coffee topped with a Venco Choco D'ropje.

Home store The Cabinet
Woonwinkel 'Het Kabinet' is also a store where visitors also usually spend a lot of time . Consumers who bought something at The Cabinet received a sample of Venco's new treat in addition to a drink.

In addition to these locations, we sampled at florists, gift shops, supermarkets and coffee shops.


We took care of the entire campaign for Venco. This included distributing the samples and instructing the employees of the participating channels. In addition, we also created a flyer that was distributed along with the sample. Through the flyer, consumers were invited to participate in a short survey. This research provided Venco with valuable insights into, among other things, the experience of consumers and their intention to buy the product more often.

You can't hand out a licorice that's meant to be enjoyed in peace to hurried crowds on the street. Such a product requires appropriate sampling channels that align with Venco's product and brand values.

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