Sun Cashback

Flexibility leads to successful cashback campaign in the Netherlands and Belgium

Sun dishwasher tablets asked us to organize a cashback promotion in both the Netherlands and Belgium. The goal was to achieve 7,500 quality cashbacks.

Approach and Results

To meet Sun's (qualitative) demand, we created a landing page where consumers could get a refund on the purchase price of their Sun dishwasher tablets with a unique code. We initially distributed these codes through a credit card that was enclosed in &C Magazine. At a later stage, we also shared the URL of the website through various influencers.

Because we continuously monitored the action, we were able to adjust the action as needed. We did the same by adjusting the action mechanism in the interim and no longer requiring the unique codes. This decision yielded immediate results. In the end, partly because of this, we more than reached the 7,500 cashbacks. We will take the "learnings" from this campaign into the next campaign.

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