Various sampling campaigns to reach younger target audience

For Sportlife, we have created several sampling campaigns. One of them was a campaign or Sportlife Boost. A chewing gum that gives you more energy. In all of our Sportlife campaigns, it was important to reach the target audience, consisting of students, gamers, working people, schoolchildren and athletes between the ages of 13 and 35, in the best possible way.

Approach and Results

To minimize 'waste' and to target audiences in the best possible way, we deployed a number of targeted channels to match the brand. For example, we handed out samples at game stores, Studystore, gas stations, gyms and sporting goods stores. There we put a display on the counter where consumers could grab a free sample and accompanying flyer.

This was very effective because it also allowed us to reach the target audience(s) in a short period of time. The reactions of consumers who received a sample were also purely positive.

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