Awareness & trial thanks to activation campaign with influencers and scent cards

Silan is a well-known manufacturer of fabric softeners. But in the area of aromatic fabric softeners, there is still market share to be gained for them. For this reason, Silan launched two new fragrant fabric softeners, Silan 'Fascinating Jungle' and 'Relaxing Maldives'. Silan Belgium asked us to help them create awareness as well as let consumers experience this new aromatic fabric softener. Only one problem: Silan was unable to make samples of the new products, and handing out an entire bottle was also not an option for financial and logistical reasons.

Approach and Results

Experience scent with a scent card
We found a solution to the lack of samples by creating scent cards featuring Silan's two new fragrances. We attached these scent cards to the shelf of fabric softeners and also handed them out at supermarket checkout. We also handed them out at Giks clothing stores. The scent cards also contained more information about the new Silan fabric softeners and a link to a cashback promotion where people could receive 1.50 euros back on the purchase of a bottle of Silan.

Awareness thanks to influencer campaign
To generate awareness for the new Silan fabric softeners, we launched an influencer campaign. In doing so, we collaborated with four influencers who target mothers with children and are interested in beauty, fashion, healthy eating and living. The influencers posted stories and posts which not only gave Silan a high (qualitative) reach, but also made the products come to life.

Giks newsletter creates additional awareness
A big advantage of sampling at retail locations is that we can sometimes hitch a ride on their communication channels. Again, this was the case because Giks was willing to announce the action in their newsletter and social media. This provided additional reach (at no cost) to the campaign.

We developed a successful activation campaign for Silan where we used scent cards and an influencer campaign to find creative solutions to the (sampling) limitations of this product.

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