Ritter Sport

Find the sustainable, active millennial and chocolate fan for a sampling campaign

When Ritter Sport came to us with their sampling assignment, we had to swallow a little when we heard what target group they wanted to reach. Ritter Sport was looking for the chocolate lover, millennial with an active lifestyle and interest in sustainability. Among this narrowly defined target group, they wanted to raise awareness and encourage trial and purchase. In addition, it was important to position Ritter Sport in the campaign as a sustainable producer of delicious chocolate.

Approach and Results

A tough job, but one we are happy to take on because it is our specialty to find specific target groups. And once again we succeeded, as we partnered with several sustainable coffee shops. This fitted perfectly with the target group that mostly buys online and therefore also drinks sustainable coffee. In addition, coffee and chocolate is the ideal combination.

In two months, we sent 25,000 samples along with orders to various coffee shops. Consumers were pleasantly surprised when they received their chocolate treat and accompanying flyer with more information about the product.

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