Belgian sampling campaign gets 99% to try the product

Ricola is an almost addictive herbal pastille. Very good for your throat, natural (with lots of herbs), and very tasty too. Ricola has several flavors, including their Lemon-Mint variety. Who else but "Lime Factory" was commissioned to reach the target group (women) 35 - 44 with a sampling campaign and to stimulate trial of the pastilles.


Thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly which channels work well for on-the-go products. One is the clothing store chain Lola Liza. We asked them or to hand out bags of Ricola and a flyer. On the flyer was a link to a short survey where consumers were asked about their perceptions, among other things.


Not many times have we seen so many people use a sample as they did in our sampling campaign for Ricola. As many as 99% had tried the throat lozenge. And they were also very enthusiastic about the product. All the insights we gained from the research could be compared to the results of products in the same product category thanks to our extensive benchmark. This also clearly showed that Ricola's throat lozenges score very well.

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