Persil Discs

Premium product requires a premium sampling channel

Persil introduced a new product: Persil Discs: a premium powerful detergent that is simultaneously gentle on the fibers of your clothes. With this new detergent, Persil is targeting higher-income families. We were tasked with devising an effective sampling campaign focused on awareness and penetration.

Our approach

In order to reach the target audience as effectively as possible, we looked closely at the sampling channels we could use. Taking into account also the relevance of the location. In the end, we came up with a sampling campaign at no fewer than 134 premium electronics stores, spread across the Netherlands. We complemented this with a small online sampling campaign with a comforter cover webshop.

We then created counter stands and leaflets. Among other things, it contained a call to participate in a short survey about Persil Discs. Store employees were extensively briefed by us and asked to put the stand and leaflets (also) near the washing machines.


Many stores answered our call to place the standards on washing machines. This significantly increased awareness. In addition, many consumers also participated in our survey. A whopping 97% reported using the discs. Only 15% of them had used the product before; thus succeeding in our mission to reach a new target group. The survey also found that users are very satisfied with the product and are (very) likely to buy Persil Discs more often.

A premium product, aimed at higher-income families, requires a premium sampling channel. Our campaign at the better electronics stores proved to be an excellent match.

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