Ludicrous campaign via social media and special campaign website

Method is an organic cleaning brand and offers several products including an all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner and dish soap. Method's motto is that cleaning with Method is a party and it makes you happy. Matching those brand values, Method looked for a playful activation campaign that would create trial and awareness.

Approach and Results

Using the hashtag #spreadjoy, we devised a playful social media campaign that we communicated via Instagram and influencers. In our posts, we called on people to tag friends and family they would like to highlight. The people who responded received a unique code from us with which they could request a bottle of Method for this person on a special action website (developed by us).

Personalized package
In response, we sent the person a bottle of Method along with a personalized card stating why they received the bottle and from whom. This caused a lot of enthusiastic response.

Completely unburdened
For this campaign, we arranged (almost) everything. We managed influencers. Provided texts and photos for social media, set up the campaign website, and we handled all the handling of the packages.

We took complete care of Method during this playful campaign. We set up the social media campaign and campaign website, and also handled the handling of the packages.

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