Mentos Gum

Sampling campaign introduces consumers to new sustainable packaging

Mentos Gum has been around for some time but was packaged in a convenient, but not very environmentally friendly, plastic jar. So Mentos came up with a new packaging made of cardboard. The same refreshing eraser but in a durable jar. We were asked to introduce Dutch and Belgian consumers aged 18 to 39 to Mentos Gum and the new packaging.

Approach and Results

Our approach was to target consumers as much as possible "in the moment of use. And so we devised a sampling campaign at various car washes in the Netherlands and Belgium. We also gave samples along with orders for some food deliveries.

Visitors to the car wash were already alerted to the Mentos sampling campaign with a sidewalk sign and counter stand. Before entering the car wash, they received a free sample of Mentos Gum and a flyer with more information about the new packaging, plus a call to participate in a short survey. During their ride through the car wash, they were able to enjoy it in peace.

Our survey showed many positive reactions to both the eraser and the new packaging. For example, one respondent said, "good idea to switch to paper instead of plastic." Consumers additionally gave Mentos valuable feedback, such as advice to also replace the plastic around the gums themselves, as well.

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