The most striking Halloween candy thanks to all-round activation campaign

Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. Whereas Saint Martin's Day is a celebration of above the rivers, Halloween is celebrated throughout the Netherlands. So for HARIBO/MAOAM, this is an important time to bring attention to their candy. It was up to us to devise and execute a striking activation campaign.


We devised the ultimate campaign to drive awareness and trial by employing different action mechanisms that reinforce each other. We combined a sampling campaign for trial, with a store floor activation for more awareness, and a money back campaign for both trial and repeat purchases. MAOAM was therefore prominently present at 150 supermarkets throughout the Netherlands.

Phased deployment of action mechanisms
The strength of this all-round campaign was that the various activation components followed each other and thus MAOAM was under the spotlight throughout the customer journey. We kicked off the campaign with a free sample and flyer at checkout. During the first week of the campaign, store employees handed out samples. With that, we already created a lot of awareness and interest.

After this first week, we placed a display in "high traffic locations" in the participating stores. Two floor stickers, one for the shelf and one for the display ensured that no one could ignore MAOAM anymore. These displays included the four participating MAOAM flavors and MAOAM branded beach ball sets. When purchasing two packs, consumers received a free set.

In the same period we also started a money back action. By taking a picture of the receipt and uploading it on our own platform, consumers were able to receive a refund for the purchase of their product.


The campaign generated enthusiastic responses from consumers. Many receipts were also submitted in a short period of time. By analyzing the receipts, we were able to give MAOAM insight into the most popular flavors and socio-demographic data of consumers, among other things.

The strength of this all-round activation campaign for MAOAM was that the various activation components followed on from each other. Throughout the customer journey, MAOAM was therefore under the consumer's attention.

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