How a sampling campaign combined with a display campaign creates higher rotation

MadeGood's assignment was simple: ensure a significantly higher rotation of our bars at Jumbo supermarkets by creating a sampling campaign combined with a store floor activation.


Using sampling in conjunction with another campaign mechanism, such as a display or cashback campaign, is a very effective way to increase rotation (and penetration). You can let the different mechanisms follow each other, as we did before with Knoppers. But you can also deploy them simultaneously, as we did at MadeGood in this case.

POS materials & supermarkets
We developed various POS materials for MadeGood, such as floor stickers, shelf cards and wobblers, and ensured that those materials were delivered to selected Jumbo stores. Thanks to our extensive network of franchised supermarkets, we quickly found them. In which we also ensured a representative distribution across the country. That is, we selected more supermarkets in the Randstad region relative to sparsely populated parts of the country.

Consumer Research
With each sample, we also handed out a flyer that included a call to participate in a short survey. In many cases, the flyer could also be found at the MadeGood shelf.


We measured the results of this combined sampling and display campaign in several ways.

Insight into sales figures
First, we requested MadeGood sales figures from several participating Jumbo stores. We looked at sales figures before the campaign, during the campaign and after, and saw an uplift of 178% . Naturally, we also requested figures from branches that had not participated in the campaign.

Consumer Insights
We also developed and presented the results of our consumer survey. MadeGood received from us, among other things, comprehensive and in-depth insights into valuation, likelihood of repeat purchase and audience analysis. Our extensive database of survey data of similar products allowed us to compare the MadeGood results with our benchmark.



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