Sampling and store floor activation provides huge uplift in sales figures

Knoppers asked us to come up with an activation campaign to encourage trial and repeat purchases of their Nutbar. The task was to focus primarily on families in this regard and also to reach men.


To actually encourage repeat purchases and make that measurable, we chose a two-stage rocket. The first phase consisted of a sampling campaign at supermarkets. Consumers were given a Knoppers Nutbar and a flyer at checkout. On it was an invitation to participate in a short survey. Among other things, this initial research gave us insight into the target audience reached and the intention to buy the Knoppers Nutbar more often.

Store floor activation to encourage repeat purchase

After the sampling campaign ended, we placed a display, wobbler and floor sticker in front of the shelf in participating stores. Consumers who had tasted the Knoppers Nutbar sample and were positive about it were given additional incentive to buy the product through this activation campaign.

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To understand the effect of this campaign, we analyzed the sales figures of the supermarkets. We looked at the following data:

  • Sales figures prior to the sampling campaign
  • Sales figures during the sampling campaign
  • Sales figures during display placement
  • Post-display sales figures

In the process, the following results emerged:

  • Uplift during cash sampling: 288%
  • Uplift during display placement 163%
  • Uplift in the weeks following the campaign: 63%

Based on these results, we can conclude that both sampling and display placement had a positive effect on the Knoppers Nutbar's sales figures. Moreover, we have reached a large new target group. 49% of the consumers we reached during the sampling campaign did not know the product yet and 31% knew the product but had never tried it.

For this hybrid campaign, we compared sales figures from supermarkets prior to the campaign, with sales figures from after the campaign. This allowed us to measure exactly the effect of the various campaign components.

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