Knoppers Nutbar

Entice parents with teens and young adults

The Knoppers Nutbar was introduced in 2019 and has since become the best rotating nutbar in the Netherlands. But to stay the same, it is important that consumers continue to try Knoppers' airy nutbar. Because experiencing = believing. Knoppers commissioned us to create a sampling campaign to reach parents with teens and young adults.

Approach and Results

We sampled at two different locations: at vacation parks and car washes. The latter may seem less logical but parents often take their children with them when they go to the car wash. In addition, the family has plenty of time to enjoy the Knoppers Nutbar while washing and read the accompanying flyer.

To generate additional awareness for Knoppersen's sampling campaign, we are placing displays on vacation park counters and eye-catching sidewalk signs at car washes.

Thanks to our extensive network of partners (channels), we were able to serve all of the Netherlands in a short time.

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