K2R Colour Catcher

Buy beautiful clothes and keep them beautiful with the help of free sample

K2R Colour Catcher wipes prevent colors from bleeding through so you can wash mixed. In addition, this will keep your clothes nice and white longer. K2R wanted to create more awareness for the wipes and increase penetration. And because the Colour Catcher wipes really are a product that you have to experience, K2R asked us to set up an appropriate sampling campaign.


We set out to find the "careful and conscious washer" and found the target audience at fashion stores and specifically at Vero Moda. With 72 stores across the Netherlands, Vero Moda is the perfect sampling channel for this campaign. We asked employees at Vero Moda to place a counter stand and give their customers a free sample and flyer. On the flyer was a call to participate in a short survey. In the process, each respondent had a chance to win a VVV gift card.


The study overwhelmingly showed that consumers who try the product once are (very) enthusiastic about it. A whopping 97% of those surveyed who had used the product thought it was good or even outstanding. Moreover, two out of three planned to buy K2R Colour Catcher more often. Our research also showed that we had succeeded very well in appealing to a new (relevant) target group.

The consumer insights we gathered clearly showed that consumers who had tried K2R Colour Catcher were enthusiastic about it and wanted to buy it more often.

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