HG Drain Cleaner & Descaler

Lime Factory gives HG a special sampling pack

HG asked us to organize a sampling campaign for HG Lime Road Colored Plumbing and for their Drain Cleaner sticks. One problem: The regular package of Drain Cleaner contained too many sticks to give away. In addition, HG asked us to make sure that their bottles of Colored Plumbing were actually only given to consumers with colored plumbing.

Approach and Results

We had appropriate solutions for both HG products:

HG Drain Cleaner Sticks
We suggested creating a special sampling package for the Drain Cleaner Sticks. In the social workshop of our partner Patijnenburg, employees took care of repackaging the sticks into special sampling packaging. This new packaging that contained only a few sticks were distributed at various sanitation stores where they were given to consumers.

HG Lime Remover Coloured Sanitary
We also sampled the bottles of HG Colored Plumbing at plumbing stores. We did instruct store employees to ask customers if they actually had colored plumbing in their homes.

Both sampling campaigns went extremely well. Our research showed that we had addressed an entirely new target audience and that (repeat) purchase intent was high.

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