Taste test among Belgian target group that eats gluten-free

Céréal approached us asking if we could also do a taste test for them? They were in Belgium looking for a target audience that eats both gluten and lactose free, to review their cakes and cookies.

Our approach

Since our credo is that we can find any target group, we were happy to take on this challenge. Through our Monsterbox database, we quickly found enough people who were willing to participate in the taste test for a small fee.

Since it was important that the test group did not know what brand of cookies and cakes they were eating, we sent the test cookies and cakes to the study participants in a neutral package. There were a total of three test groups who were able to evaluate different cookies and/or cakes. Through an online questionnaire that they could reach via a QR code, they could express their opinions.


The survey results came in directly to Céréal's research office. They further processed the outcomes. The survey gave them such interesting insights that Céréal decided to later conduct a packaging survey among the target audience as well.

We can find any specific target group. So when Céréal asked our if we could help them for a taste test to Belgian consumers eating gluten-free, we were able to serve them quickly.

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