'Smooth' sampling campaign among specific target group

Wilkinson had developed a new shaving system for women that can shave in two directions: the "Intuition f.a.b". To raise awareness and "trial" for this innovative shaving system, Wilkinson wanted to launch a sampling campaign. In doing so, Wilkinson focused on a specific target group, namely young women who have just started shaving. It was also important to Wilkinson to gather feedback and encourage repeat purchases.

Our approach

This task calls for the use of channel sampling. First of all, because it concerns a very specific target group, but also because it represents a sampled product of great value. Therefore, the main challenge was to find a suitable and reliable location where we were sure we could reach young women.

Thanks to our years of experience and intricate network of channels, we knew we could find the target audience at Vero Moda's stores. We provided a detailed briefing to Vero Moda's store associates and developed a display for the checkout counter.

Discount & Feedback
To encourage repeat purchases, we created a flyer containing a discount coupon for 25% off the purchase of razor blades. We used the same flyer to ask consumers for their opinion of the product. Many consumers did, and the feedback on the Wilkinson Intuition was glowing.



The results of the sampling campaign exceeded expectations. We managed to reach a whole new target group. 72% of the women reached were not yet familiar with the product. The repeat purchase intention among the target audience was 80%, where it is around 40% in other sampling campaigns.

It was the first time for us to look for our target audience in this way, but we are very happy with it. Vero Moda turned out to be a very good match! Lime Factory also took a lot of work off our hands. They took care of the communication, logistical coordination and production of the materials. Maurice Knöps, Brand Manager Wilkinson Nederland

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