Taksi Spaaraksi

Development of campaign website, promo codes and customer service of savings campaign

To create more awareness and increase the penetration of their fruit drink Taksi (fruit drink) wanted to launch a major savings campaign and associated campaign in the summer of 2022. By buying Taksi, consumers could save up for a meter-sized inflatable snake that can also serve as a swimming band. The action was supported by a major advertising campaign. We were commissioned by Riedel to provide the campaign website, web shop and complete handling of the Taksi Spaaraksi.

Our approach

The activation campaign of the Taksi Spaaraksi was an extensive job that consisted of several parts.

Promotional codes
First, we generated the promotional codes that were printed on all packs of Taksi.

Then we focused on developing the special campaign website. We have provided general terms and conditions, answers to frequently asked questions and, of course, a well-functioning and user-friendly site.

Then we started to set up the webshop. Thanks to our experience with the Monsterbox, our own webshop manager was able to set it up quickly and expertly for Taksi. We also provided customer service for Taksi. All questions and any problems from consumers were resolved by us quickly and in a customer-friendly manner.

And finally, we made sure that all the inflatable snakes ordered were delivered to the customers' homes.



The Taksi Spaaraksi went off without a hitch. The snake was spotted more and more often and (not entirely coincidentally) very soon on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.

From Riedel, we work very pleasantly with Lime Factory. Besides carefully building the beautiful campaign page and webshop, Lime Factory carefully thinks along for an ultimate customer journey on the website. But Lime Factory also took the handling of the packages completely out of our hands. A successful collaboration with a working mechanism!Jiska van Rhenen, marketing manager Taksi

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