Spa Touch

Creative zero-calorie sampling campaign at dieticians and food deliveries

Spa Touch is a flavored mineral water. At Spa Touch, you can choose from as many as 12 different flavors; with or without carbonation. Spa came up with a relaunch of their bottle and so asked us to set up a sampling campaign in the Netherlands and Belgium. The goal was to increase awareness and trial among the target group of conscious and healthy living consumers between 24 and 50.

Approach and Results

In our proposal, we gave Spa a wide choice of different healthy sampling channels to achieve their goals. To reach the ultimate conscious living consumer, we asked Dutch dietitians to give their clients a bottle of Spa Touch. We also selected some healthy food delivery companies (Zoake Poke Bowl and Sushi Kings) that added a bottle of Spa Touch with every order.

Our evaluation showed that consumers found the chosen channels very appropriate for Spa Touch, and the response to Spa Touch and the promotion was very positive.

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