Spa Fruit

Cost-effective sampling campaign for Spa Fruit in the Netherlands and Belgium

Spa (Fruit) asked if we could set up a cost-effective sampling campaign to reach the target group of starters (25-35) in Belgium and the target group of families (25-50) in the Netherlands. Goal: Allow target audiences to taste Spa Fruit and encourage repeat purchases.

Approach and Results

To keep Spa's costs low, we devised an effective sampling channel for each target group. In Belgium we sampled through (somewhat) healthy meal delivery companies, and in the Netherlands at vacation parks. This was ideal because the sampling campaign fell during the summer vacation. Moreover, the likelihood of repeat purchases at vacation parks tends to be high.

We received enthusiastic responses to this sampling campaign through both meal delivery companies and participating vacation parks. For cost reasons -and in order to save the cost of a flyer- we did not do further research. In Belgium, we did include a discount coupon with the samples.

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