Let the conscious consumer enjoy a free sample quietly

Slimpie is a 100% sugar and calorie free lemonade syrup and is also vegan and gluten free. It is therefore the ideal syrup for consumers with a conscious lifestyle. Slimpie has different flavors for both children and adults. Although some flavors are a little more for adults. This is true, for example, of their blood orange-grapefruit syrup. Slimpie was looking for the target audience of conscious consumers between 25 and 45 to introduce them to this syrup.

Approach and Results

We researched carefully where we could best reach the target audience. Although the syrup is primarily intended for adults, we didn't want to completely exclude children. That's why we came up with a sampling campaign at saunas and gyms, as well as game shops and children's playgrounds. These locations also have the advantage of allowing consumers to enjoy a glass of Slimpie in peace, although we realized that the syrup must be diluted with water.

The campaign was a success. The responses we received showed that many consumers (more than we thought) had tried the product immediately. The taste and composition was also well appreciated.

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