Schweppes Pink Tonic

Sampling surprises Belgian consumers at home and in the supermarket

Tonic, for many people, is a drink that they mix exclusively with another drink, such as gin. But with Pink Tonic, Schweppes comes out with a tonic that is also purely delicious and refreshing. To introduce Pink Tonic to as many men and women between 25 and 45 as possible, Schweppes asked us to create a sampling campaign.

Approach and Results

We came up with a hybrid campaign for Schweppes. We handed out samples in supermarkets to encourage repeat purchases. But in addition, we also gave samples along with online orders of food deliveries such as Basic Italian and Hawaiian Poke Bowl so that consumers could consume the drink immediately. This campaign was enhanced by social media posts from Basic Italian.

With each sample came a flyer containing a discount voucher and a link to a short survey. Many people filled out this short survey. The surveu allowed us to measure the differences between consumers who received the sample at home and those who received the sample at the supermarket. This gave Schweppes valuable insights. We also succeeded in tapping into a new target group. 69% of respondents did not know the product (yet).

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