Quaker Kids

Sampling where it is logical and Dutch and Belgians can try it directly

When you think of cereal and oatmeal, you quickly think of Quaker. The American brand has offered a variety of breakfast products for old and young for more than a century. One of them is Quaker Kids Crunchy Mix Up. To introduce this cheerful oatmeal to as many families with young children as possible, Quaker asked us to organize a sampling campaign.

Approach and Results

The great advantage of channel sampling is that we can sample in places where it makes sense, where people have time and need for the product, and where consumers can often try the product directly. We found those spots for Quaker Kids as well.

We handed out samples at the counters and stores of various vacation parks. Along with it came a flyer that included more information about Quaker Kids. In addition, we also handed out samples at various branches of C&A in Belgium. By means of railcards on the clothing racks, families were alerted to the action while shopping. At checkout, they then received their free sample.

At both locations, we received a lot of positive feedback from families. Our analysis of the campaign revealed that we had reached a large new target group. Repeat purchase intent was also particularly high at 71%.

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