Orthica Quail's Egg

Sampling campaign in city parks helps consumers get through spring

Orthica Quail Egg is a natural dietary supplement that supports your immune system and is especially great for when you could use some extra support in the spring. Orthica asked us to use a sampling campaign to reach the target group of people who could use this extra support for their resistance and to draw their attention to this natural dietary supplement.

Approach and Results

Normally we mainly organize sampling campaigns at retail and leisure locations, but for this particular assignment we took a different approach. After all, where better to reach consumers with a (potential) need for such a dietary supplement as Orthica Quail's Egg than at city parks? So we selected some city parks and made sure that the sampling campaign only started when the weather was also nice.

We sent out an enthusiastic promotional team who, in addition to samples and flyers, we also gave them a script about how Orthica Quail's Egg works. Visitors to city parks responded enthusiastically. We were able to reach many people in the target group in this way.

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