Sugar-free fruit water reaches Belgian consumer at A location

Oasis is a natural, sugar-free fruit water in a variety of flavors. Because it is a relatively new product, Oasis looked for ways to create more awareness among the target group mothers of children aged 3 to 12. Oasis asked us if we could help them with a targeted channel sampling campaign.

Approach and Results

We found a prime location in the C&A branches to have the samples handed out. We were able to place railcards on racks of children's clothing so that visitors were alerted to the promotion while they were shopping. Once they arrived at the cash register, a cashier gave them a sample and accompanying leaflet with more information about the drink.

We also sampled at children's playgrounds. An ideal location because the drink was also consumed there immediately. Visitors therefore responded enthusiastically to the treat they received. For example, one mother told us, "My little son loves the drink and it's healthy too. A great alternative to many sodas these days".

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