Consumers discover healthy soft drinks thanks to sampling campaign

MayTea is a tea drink obtained by infusing natural tea leaves in hot water. MayTea is a soft drink with no sugars, no calories, no preservatives and no dyes, perfect for rediscovering tea in a new format. To Lime Factory the task of organizing a sampling campaign for MayTea for the Belgian market.

Approach and Results

Because of the healthy, but also refreshing nature of MayTea, we thought of having samples handed out at gyms and wellness centers, among others, spread across different locations in Belgium. In addition to a bottle of MayTea, consumers also received a flyer containing more information about MayTea's ingredients and an invitation to participate in a short survey.

This research showed that MayTea was hugely popular with consumers. 30% of respondents said they would definitely buy the drink more often, and 39% said they were likely to buy MayTea.

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