Malfy Gin

Sampling campaign Malfy Gin brings Italy to glamping

Malfy Gin's mission was clear. Malfy Gin is more than just a tasty drink, but also a feeling. The feeling you have when vacationing on Italy's Amalfi Coast; which this gin is inspired by. It was up to us to convey some of this feeling during a short sampling campaign among consumers with higher disposable incomes in Belgium.

Approach and Results

At Lime Factory, we love "associative assignments" because our way of sampling fits that very well. So we brainstormed with our team and suggested to Malfy Gin six possible sampling locations with an Italy connection. Ranging from Alfa Romeo dealers to Italian delicatessens. Ultimately, Malfy chose Gin to sample at the better Belgian glampers, Italian take-away & delivery services and golf clubs.

The reactions of consumers who received a miniature bottle of Malfy Gin were all enthusiastic. Because of the limited number of samples, we did not conduct further additional research.

We also distributed samples in the Netherlands. Due to strict alcohol sampling laws, we were limited in our options. Still, we found a solution by packing samples along with Christmas packages.

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