L'Or coffee cups

Receive a home sample and try the product on site

L'Or by Douwe Egberts has a wide range of aluminum coffee cups with a full and rich taste. L'Or wanted to reach its target audience of upper-income consumers aged 25 and older, and asked us to create a sampling campaign that would reach the target audience most effectively.

Approach and Results

Since L'Or is a premium brand, we also looked for premium channels for an effective sampling campaign. We found them in the fashion stores of Jimmy Choo and Oger and home furnishing store Het Kabinet. To ensure minimal waste, employees at the stores in question asked their customers if they had a Nespresso machine before giving them the sample.

Instant coffee on location
What was unique about the sampling campaign for L'Or was that consumers were not only given a sample but could also immediately drink a cup of L'Or coffee at Oger and Het Kabinet. At The Cabinet, it was even reserved in original L'Or dinnerware.

Communication through flyers and promotion of Oger & The Cabinet
To further promote the campaign, we produced a counter stand and a flyer to accompany the sample. In addition, Oger (in their newsletter) and The Cabinet (in their summer newspaper) also made prominent mention of the campaign.

Very positive reactions
All of this generated very positive reactions. Research we did among consumers who had received the sample showed that the appreciation and intention to repurchase was very high.


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