Lipton Zero Cashback & Sampling

Comprehensive cashback promotion in Belgium and sampling campaign in the Netherlands

In the first half of 2023, we organized two major activations for Lipton Ice Tea Zero. This involved a cashback promotion in Belgium and a sampling campaign at several locations in the Netherlands.

Briefing, approach & results

Cashback promotion

To increase the rotation of Lipton Ice Tea Zero, Lipton asked us to organize a 100% cashback promotion in Belgium. Consumers could buy all varieties of Lipton Ice Tea Zero. We placed a widget from our software on the Lipton Zero website, which allowed consumers to get a refund on their purchase price in just a few actions. Within a few days, the money was then in their account.

After the campaign ended, we provided Lipton with insights into the number of participants, purchase locations, dates of purchases and insights into which varieties were purchased the most.

Sampling campaign

To introduce more people to Lipton Ice Tea Green Zero, Lipton asked us to organize a sampling campaign in the Netherlands. The campaign had to target men and women ages 20 to 49 and align with Lipton's defined brand values and moments of use.

To ensure the most effective reach and therefore little "waste," in our search for appropriate channels, we defined the target audience by moments of use. This resulted in three specific target groups: consumers who drink Lipton Ice Tea Green Zero on the go and as refreshment, consumers with healthy lifestyles and those who choose comfort and convenience.

For all these moments of use, we found appropriate channels in car washes, clothing stores and hairdressers (on the go), sports stores & gyms (healthy) and meal delivery services (comfort). Naturally, we ensured a good spread throughout the Netherlands, placing 'Lipton branded' fridges at all locations so that consumers could take away a chilled can.

We learned through our partners that consumers greatly appreciated the promotion and were enthusiastic about Lipton Ice Tea Green Zero.

I am happy with this drink. In fact, I had been looking for a healthy alternative and I have now found it. It is also still very tasty. A consumer

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