Lipton Cold Infuse

Belgian office workers are surprised with tasty water

Lipton wanted to introduce as many (new) consumers as possible to Lipton Cold Infuse. Cold Infuse is "flavor for cold water" and contains a bag of fruit/spices that adds flavor to the water in your water bottle. For that reason, Lipton was eager to launch a sampling campaign in locations where people have reusable water bottles. In addition, they were looking for consumers who pursue a conscious lifestyle and want to hydrate adequately.

Our approach

We went to work for Lipton and immediately thought of gyms. But we also wanted to add another logical location. We then thought of offices. After all, these are places where many people sit with their own water bottle and also fit very well into Lipton's target group profile. But how do you get there?

We found a solution by partnering with Blue Water Company: a company that delivers water coolers and mineral water to businesses. When water was delivered, Lipton samples and accompanying leaflets were also placed next to the water coolers. The leaflet included more information about Lipton Cold Infuse and an invitation to participate in a short survey.



The campaign was very successful. We found many new consumers, mainly in the 25 to 34 age group. Moreover, the majority of responses were very positive.

Lipton wanted to use a sampling campaign to reach conscious consumers in locations where a reusable drinking bottle is used. We thought about offices, but how do you get the samples there?

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