Hero Cassis Zero

Very complete sampling campaign of a chilled thirst quencher

Hero Cassis is perhaps the only true cassis. And that cassis now also has a "Zero variant," made from homegrown blackcurrants. A real thirst quencher. But many more people should be alerted to this. Therefore, Hero asked us to set up a sampling campaign among the existing target group; households with children. In addition, Hero also wanted to rejuvenate and reach young professionals (Generation Z and millennials) with the same campaign.


To let consumers experience that Hero Cassis Zero is a real thirst quencher, we organized a short sampling campaign at petrol stations in August. As soon as they arrived, sidewalk signs alerted visitors to this action by Hero. At the checkout, they were able to grab a can according to from a refrigerator and were given a flyer.

Mystery Shoppers
During this campaign, we took care of Hero completely. We made sure the refrigerators were placed with samples. We created the design of the sidewalk signs and flyers and took care of the production. We also enlisted Mystery Shoppers to see if everything was properly taken care of and the cans were actually given away (and not sold).

Consumer insights & results

To measure the effect of the campaign, we asked consumers to give their opinions on the product. We also asked them if they plan to buy Hero Cassis Zero more often from now on? As many as one in three said they would definitely do so. 42% said they were more likely to buy Hero Cassis Zero. Because we frequently conduct research on soft drinks, we were able to compare these figures with our benchmark and thus provide Hero with even better insight into the effect of campaigns compared to products in the same product category.

Reach new target group
A key objective of Hero was to reach new target groups as well. In this, too, we succeeded. As many as 46% of consumers were unfamiliar with Hero Cassis Zero. In addition, we could see from our survey data that the largest group of consumers we had reached were in the 18 - 24 and 25 -34 age group.

For Hero Cassis Zero, we created a sampling campaign that included everything. 'Branded' refrigerators, sidewalk signs, leaflets and displays, Mystery Shoppers and, above all, lots of valuable consumer insights.

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