Herbamare Easter Action

Sampling of organic herbal salt at the best time of the year

Herbamare Original from A. Vogel is an organic herbal salt that flavors dishes or can be used as table salt. With the mix of sea salt, organically grown vegetables and herbs, you use less salt and give your dishes more flavor. So it's ideal for people who live healthier lives, exactly the target group of Herbamare for this sampling campaign.

Approach and Results

At Lime Factory, we are always looking for the logical time and place for the best results from a sampling campaign. For Herbamare, we figured out that Easter is the time when consumers use salt (for on their eggs). Since most people just buy their eggs at the supermarket, we partnered with Jumbo (a large supermarket in the Netherlands).

When purchasing a carton of eggs, employees at 36 Jumbo stores across the Netherlands handed out a sample. In doing so, they also provided a recipe card. To draw extra attention to the campaign, we place shelf cards, displays and floor stickers.

The campaign went very well and consumers responded very enthusiastically.


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