Campina Protein Plus

Quickly ensure that samples of THT product reach the right target audience

Campina ProteinPlus is Campina's new protein milk. It contains 20% of the daily recommended amount of protein. In short, a healthy product that Campina wanted to sample in Belgium among men and women with active lifestyles. Together, we opted for sampling at gyms across Flanders and Wallonia.

Approach and Results

Sampling THT products is always a challenge because there is usually only a short time to plan and complete the project. But thanks to our years of experience, we are very good at this and can get the products to the selected channels quickly. Again, when we organized a sampling campaign for Campina Protein Plus at 25 selected gyms in Belgium.

In a short time, we found the gyms and arranged for them to receive the samples, including flyers. The additional challenge was that because of the large volume of the 1 liter bottle samples we also had to find gyms with adequate storage space. But we succeeded in that too, and the gyms were able to distribute all the samples in a short time. This generated enthusiastic responses among their members.

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