Blue Band Finesse

Sample with recipe inspires consumers

One in fifty Dutch people has a lactose intolerance. That's why Blue Band Finesse came out with a lactose-free version of their cooking cream. Blue Band asked us to set up a sampling campaign to introduce consumers to this new product and also to increase awareness.

We suggested handing out the approximately 6,700 samples with an inspirational recipe at various vegetable stores, fish nstores and butchers.

This was greatly appreciated, according to the responses from consumers we asked for their opinion. "We avoid dairy products, so we are very happy with this" was one of the responses. Someone else said, "We don't know this one yet; the lactose-free variety." And yet another person thought that the Blue Band Finesse would probably be perfect for a dish with pasta and broccoli. Therefore, Blue Band's sampling campaign has inspired many people.

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