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Sampling (research) shows that Blue Band Roombeter is in demand

Blue Band wants to help young families help their children grow up healthy and happy. That's why Blue Band develops products that are healthy and also sustainable. One such product is Blue Band Roombeter: a plant-based alternative to cream butter. To introduce more families to Blue Band Roombeter, Blue Band asked us to create a sampling campaign in which they wanted to (also) capitalize on the asparagus season because asparagus and Blue Band Roombeter are a perfect combination.

Approach and Results

We sought out asparagus farmers to ask them to participate in our sampling campaign. These responded enthusiastically, and in addition we found some bakers where we could have samples distributed. We paired both campaigns with a brief survey of Blue Band Roombeter's experience and repeat purchase intent, among other things.

This study found that consumers raved about Blue Band's plant-based alternative to butter. Just under half of the respondents thought the product was excellent and 50% thought it was good. The repeat purchase intention was also very high. Our huge benchmark database allowed us to compare the figures with other products in the same product category.

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