Becel Pure

Sampling tempts the 35 to 45 year old Belgian to (repeat) purchase

Becel Pure is a butter that contains no, gluten, palm oil or preservatives. Moreover, it comes in a more durable premium transparent tub, so the product is also good for the environment. To inspire and help men and women, especially those between the ages of 23 and 45, to eat more vegetable products, Becel asked us to create a sampling campaign.

Our advice and approach

What more logical place to hand out Becel's vegetable butter than at bakeries! We selected bakeries that had sufficient refrigerated space to display and store the Becel samples and asked employees to hand out the chilled samples along with a leaflet. The leaflet contained more information about the product and an invitation to participate in a short survey.


We were able to compare the results of the survey with our benchmark in the dairy category. This showed that the intention to (repeat) purchase is significantly higher with Becel Pure than with other dairy products. Almost one in two Walloon consumers and 37% of Flemish consumers definitely planned to buy the product more often. For other dairy products, this percentage is on average 20%

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