Bavaria 0.0 IPA

Consumer learns Bavaria 0.0. Know IPA and be enticed to repeat purchase

Bavaria 0.0 IPA is a surprisingly accessible 0.0% beer with a hoppy character. To introduce more consumers to this delicious alcohol-free beer and encourage them to make repeat purchases, Royal Swinkels asked us to set up a short sampling campaign among the target group of men between 18 and 65.

Approach and Results

We distributed samples through two different channels. To promote trial, we started sampling at car washes. This location has the great advantage that motorists can also immediately enjoy their non-alcoholic beer when their car is driven through the car wash.

In addition, to encourage repeat purchases, we also sampled from supermarkets. After all, this is also where consumers can buy Bavaria 0.0 IPA. At both the supermarket and the car wash, we handed out a flyer in addition to a sample. On it was an invitation to participate in a short survey.

The survey showed that we were able to reach a large group of new consumers. The target audience reached was enthusiastic about Bavaria 0.0. IPA and as many as one in three said they would definitely buy the beer (again).

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