Axe Aqua Bergamot

With padel clubs new channel for successful Axe sampling campaign

Axe had released a new fragrance (Aqua Bergamot) and asked us to set up a sampling campaign in the Netherlands and Belgium to encourage mainly men aged 15 to 30 to try and review this new fragrance.


For this sampling campaign, which we organized first in Belgium and later in the Netherlands, we gave Axe a wide choice of channels (locations) that were suitable in our organization to effectively reach the target audience. Since Axe wants to reach mainly young men, we also suggested a (for us) new channel: padel clubs. This proved to be a hit because at padel clubs we can reach many young adults. Several fitness clubs and men's fashion stores also participated in the sampling campaign.


We did extensive research for Axe that included asking about product ratings and repeat purchase intent. Since this new fragrance from Axe (among others) aims to make an eau de toilet obsolete, we also asked consumers if they think this deodorant smells like luxury perfume? Axe's R&D department could be very pleased with the response.

Good initiative to introduce (new) customers to new fragrances this way. A consumer

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