Appelsientje Fruit and Vegetables

Sampling campaign and cash back promotion reaches new consumers

Everyone in Holland knows Appelsientje, but far fewer people know the Fruit and Vegetable variant. A vegetable drink may not sound tasty to some people, but once you've drunk Appelsientje Fruit and Vegetable once you'll think very differently. To increase trial and repeat purchases of Appelsientje Fruit and Vegetables, Riedel asked us to come up with an activation campaign.


Our activation plan had three components:

First, we organized a sampling campaign in conjunction with a cash back promotion.

At 28 supermarkets across the Netherlands, we had supermarket employees hand out free packs of Appelsientje Fruit and Vegetables. To encourage consumers to also give Appelsientje Fruit and Vegetables a second try, they could get a refund of the purchase price through a cash back promotion. We communicated this through a flyer that we gave with the samples. On it was also a call to participate in a short survey.

To hitch a ride on the fame of Appelsientje Sinaasappel and Goudappeltje, we also organized a cross promotion.

Consumers who bought a 1 liter pack of Appelsientje Orange or 1 liter pack of Goudappeltje together with a pack of Appelsientje Fruit and Vegetable could get their money back on the Fruit and Vegetable variant upon presentation of their receipt. We communicated this with stickers on the packs of Appelsientje Orange and Goudappeltje.



Our research showed that we reached a lot of new consumers with our combined activation campaign. As many as 83% of respondents were completely unfamiliar with Appelsientje Fruit and Vegetables until then. 91% were (very) enthusiastic after drinking the fruit and vegetable drink. And one in two respondents said they would definitely buy Appelsientje Fruit and Vegetables more often.

It was super delicious. I bought three packs of Appelsientje Fruit and Vegetables right away the next day.A consumer

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