Amstel Radler Fresh 0.0

Letting 200,000 consumers enjoy a chilled sample

'Amstel Radler Fris 0.0' is a refreshing alcohol-free beer that contains no sugars. Therefore, this is the ideal beer for consumers who prefer not to drink alcohol and also think about their diet. Amstel asked us to create a sampling campaign to match these brand values. In addition, Amstel asked us to reach as many consumers between 18 and 65 as possible in a short period of time.

Approach and Results

We immediately went to work for Amstel and made several proposals. In the end, two good sampling channels came out: the car wash and the gym.

The big advantage of the car wash is that the car driver can enjoy the beer while his car is being washed. The gym was a very good fit for the brand because of its sugar-free nature. In both places, we made sure the sample could be dispensed chilled. To do this, we supplied the carwashes and gyms with "branded" refrigerators that also served as the campaign's communication medium. We also provided a counter stand and leaflet.

Consumers we reached with this campaign were very enthusiastic about it.

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