If your product is running up against the best before date

Many FMCG companies are dealing with products that are running up against the best before date. This can occur due to minimal production batches, ‘mistakes’ during planning or products that run a little less during a certain period.

These are your options

But what do you do with such a best before date batch? Actually, you have four options to choose from:

  • You can have it destroyed;
  • You can offer it to the food bank;
  • You can rig up a promotion to boost sales some more;
  • Or you can use these products for a sampling campaign.

Destroying products is often not preferred because it is simply a waste of the products. But also, the cost of this can be very high and it further does not contribute to achieving your sales goals. Donating the produce to the food bank is therefore a better option. This does not help your sales goal, but the products are not destroyed unnecessarily. You may also choose to set up a promotion to boost sales. Again, the cost of this is high and it also offers no guarantee. If the action doesn’t catch on, this can only increase your costs, so there is some risk involved. Finally, there is the option to choose best before date sampling. This is often the best option.

Why best before date sampling?

THT sampling can often be as expensive as destruction, but you do reach consumers with it. We regularly receive requests for these types of best before date batches and try to find adequate solutions for them. As a result, we have an increasing number of channels where we can set up a sampling campaign at short notice, at low cost and within a short period of time.
For these campaigns, we also look for the right channel, where the consumer has time and need and the positioning of product and channel is appropriate. If possible, we also provide communication around the campaign; depending on the channel, this could be via a flyer, a counter display or online via the newsletter. We provide brand activation with measurable impact. We can give you insights into how the consumer experienced the product! We do this through our Consumer Insights Application. This is our own platform, where consumers can share their experience with your product.

So when you choose best before date sampling at Lime Factory, you reach consumers and can also gain valuable insights about how consumers experienced the product and what their repeat purchase intent is.

Best before date channels

In our database, we have defined channels as best before date channels if they can offer the products to consumers within two weeks of agreement. This allows us to sample at various bakeries, vacation parks, fashion retail, the Monsterbox and much more!
And if we don’t have a suitable channel in our database yet, we will look for you.

So if you are also dealing with a THT batch and don’t have a solution yet, feel free to contact us. Even if you are not currently dealing with a best before date batch, but expect to be dealing with one, it may be useful to contact us so that we can anticipate this.