How social media can enhance sampling

A good social strategy can greatly enhance the effect of your sampling campaign. Sampling has long ceased to be just handing out a slice of sausage at the butcher’s. Online technologies also allow offline campaigns to be used more and more effectively. You can collect a lot of data online and use this data to run sampling campaigns in a much more targeted way. In addition, social media can also boost your sampling campaign.

Social media during the three phases of your campaign

More and more companies are using social media, but when communicating a sampling campaign, the campaign is often not shared on social channels, which is a missed opportunity. Indeed, using social media can be a good support to the communication of a sampling campaign. This allows you to reinforce social media before, during and after the sampling campaign.

In advance: inform your target audience
Someone who knows that there is an interesting product to try for free in a week’s time takes this into account. By communicating the campaign through your social media channels, you will at least bring the followers of your pages up to speed on the campaign. These people are already connected to your brand, so they are curious about what new or improved product you have.

But how do you reach people who don’t already follow your social pages? You could do this by using your current followers. For example, urge them to tag friends who should see the sampling campaign. In addition, you can use a social ad campaign. Nowadays you can target your audience very specifically. Through Facebook and Instagram, it is possible to target based on demographics, location, interests and behavior. In addition, you can create a similar target group, this allows you to target a new audience, which has similar characteristics of your current customers.

You can also use an advertising campaign in a different way to reach your target group in a very targeted way. This can be done through Facebook Lead ads. These ads allow you to reach your target audience with door-to-door sampling. Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities allow you to focus very specifically on a particular audience. Through an advertisement you offer a free sample of your product. When someone clicks on your ad, a form opens where they only need to enter their address before the form can be submitted. With this method of advertising, you reach only the people who fall exactly within your target market and are open to trying your product. The big advantage of this is that there is much less waste. This can greatly increase the results of your sampling campaign.

During the campaign: encourage recipients to share, like and follow!
Are your products sampled in a store or somewhere on the street? Then make sure the sample recipient is triggered to share the sampling campaign on their social media channels. Sample recipients are more likely to follow or share when prompted by a person rather than a text on a flyer or website. Make up an action where the sharer gets or can get a reward.

Afterward: referral marketing
The sampling campaign does not have to end when there are no more samples on site. After handing out the samples, utilize a referral marketing program, where you offer the sample recipient the opportunity to send a sample to their friends via social media. If the recipient is satisfied with the sample, he may want to let his friends benefit from a free sample.

Also with a referral program, someone is more likely to promote your brand if there is a reward in return. For example, an action could be that your promoter gets a free product if he invites three of his friends via social media to try a sample. In this way, your sampling campaign through social media will be constantly reinforced, giving you a snowball effect.

Start sampling?

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