Sampling campaign entices 20 - 35-year-old woman to try plant-based milk substitute

Wunda (not milk) is a plant-based milk substitute from Nestlé with all the properties of milk. An ideal product for consumers who live consciously and want to reduce consumption of animal products. In order to introduce that target group (specifically within the target group of women aged 20 - 35) to Wunda, Nestlé asked us to devise and set up a sampling campaign.

Approach and Results

Since this was a short-term campaign, we limited ourselves to two effective channels, namely: gyms and some (healthy) food delivery's.We had employees of the gyms hand out the samples and and sent them along with delivery meals. To consumers who had received and tried a sample, we asked them to participate in a short survey. This showed that people who liked Wunda were also very enthusiastic about it and also definitely planned to buy it more often.

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