Go Tan & Melvita

Successful joint promotions with store floor activation gets follow-up

Go Tan is more than a manufacturer of oriental foods, but also a source of inspiration. If you take a look at the Go Tan website, you will see that it has plenty of easy and delicious recipes. Go Tan wanted to carry the concept of "make a delicious meal easily" to the store floor with the goal of increasing brand penetration.


One of Go Tan's tasty recipes is "sticky Sriracha chicken"; chicken, with honey and Go Tan Sriracha sauce. An easy recipe that requires only chicken and honey in addition to the Go Tan sauce. So we decided to ask Melvita (honey) to participate in a joint store floor activation campaign? We placed displays on top of the fresh chicken shelf in 83 supermarkets across the Netherlands. In it we posted the Melvita honey, Go Tan Sriracha sauce and the recipe for the sticky chicken. We couldn't make it any easier for consumers.


The store floor activation was very eye-catching and received many positive reactions. Both Go-Tan and Melvita were enthusiastic about the (complementary) collaboration. It was therefore decided to repeat the activation campaign one year later. Then we try to plan the campaign when the chicken is on sale at the supermarket.

Above the fresh chicken shelf in 83 supermarkets, we place Melvita honey, Go Tan Sriracha sauce and a recipe for sticky chicken. We couldn't make it easier for consumers to make a delicious meal quickly.

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